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outubro 29, 2019 -

The Rise of International Shipping and Parcel Delivery

Postal service and parcel service providers have been entrusted with mail and goods in various parcels for decades. Today, these economic players of shipping and delivery can reach virtually every home and every business in the world.

The modern trade and economy
These professional companies are everywhere and are deeply rooted in every community. They are thus the driving force behind an activity that generates nearly two trillion dollars worldwide and represents some twenty million jobs.
Yet they now face many challenges and increasing competition. As a result, the user has real competitive tools to send and track their parcel shipments around the world. On the one hand,
because of digital technology, and on the other side because shopping habits are changing,
with an incredible boom in e-commerce and online shopping.

The importance of tracking your parcels
With the massive flow of packages moving all around the world, and the necessity to be fast
and responsive with our clients, you need to track your parcels and shipments is necessary.
Once you choose a parcel delivery company, they will give a specific tracking number that
you can use on their website to track and follow your shipment.

But if you are shipping and tracking parcels from all around the world, websites such
as or will allow you to track all your parcels online.
These all-in-one platforms will give you the exact status of any of your parcels. You can now
track your LaserShip Courier from the United States, a Chronopost from France, your E-
quick package from China, or anything else. It is simple and straightforward with these online
tracking platforms.

Tips to optimize the shipping of your parcels internationally
We know that international shipping parcels are not easy to manage, especially when you
start! But what is your main goal? Is it not to launch your business internationally and to
attract new customers to your online store?
Do not panic; we have concocted some useful tips for shipping parcels internationally.

Today, there are 2.7 billion e-buyers worldwide, including 350 million in Europe. This
number represents a vast potential of customers for all e-merchants. So, let's see how to
satisfy these customers with simple actions:

1. Packaging your parcels internationally
Nobody likes to receive damaged articles. The packaging is the first physical experience of
your brand by your final customer. You must, therefore, ensure that your package arrives in
due form thanks to careful packaging.

2. Shipping address
For end customers, you are solely responsible for any delay, damage, or loss of any of their
packages. To minimize the risk of litigation, remember to indicate your customer's contact
details on each of your mailing labels. This simple care will significantly reduce the risks.​
Also, the characteristics of the addresses differ from one country to another. Think to consult
the territorial specificities.

3. Delivery: express or standard?
60% of e-shoppers feel that it is essential to be informed about the day, the time, and the
delivery schedule. Do not neglect the tracking of your packages, especially internationally!
Indeed, delivery times are crucial information to communicate with your end customers.
Carefully check the conditions and delivery times of your carriers. If you offer express
delivery to your customers, do not forget to include and indicate the fees applied to this


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