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abril 19, 2019 -

Five Things To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Why should celebrities have all the fun? Your inner hottie desires to have longer, thicker tresses than you're actually graced with and thanks to hair extensions – you can lift your current look to match any celebrity style for your hair-do!

Hair extensions are the miraculous formula that celebrities use to flaunt a neat bob-cut on one night and long locks on the other. If you're thinking of adding a few strands to match the glam look like Beyonce, then take note of these few things before getting your first set of hair extensions.
Hair Extensions are expensive, so choose well!

Getting a beautiful mane with hair extensions does not come cheap. Hair extensions can range from hundreds of dollars to a thousand, depending on the type of hair, the thickness of the weft and the application method used. Plus, the maintenance charges include your salon charges for a visit every four to six weeks. It is better to know the cost of buying and maintaining beforehand instead of regretting later.

Professional Help

Go to a professional salon to understand what type of hair extensions will suit your mane. It is best to opt for Remy Hair Extensions, made of 100% human hair to give a natural look. Do ask them all your questions – find out if they are certified or trained for hair extensions, how long it will take to apply, maintenance and care. Clear all your doubts before the hair extensions are a part of you. Before you make your final purchase, take along a friend who can offer her opinion on the colour shade, length etc.

Block off at least four – six hours for application

When you're ready for your first set of hair extensions, make sure that you have plenty of time on hand and you're not in a rush-rush situation. Hair extensions are not a quick fix solution. It does take a good 4-6 hours of application time to get it right. If you have a special reason to get hair extensions – like your wedding day or a prom night, don't wait until the last day. You don't want to bother yourself with stress just before your big day! It is best to get them at least a week before any special event.

Say good-bye to chemical based hair treatments

If you're planning to get a keratin or smoothing treatment for your hair, make sure you have at least a good four week gap in between the treatment and application of hair extensions. The best thing about human hair extensions is that you can colour, straighten or curl the extensions just the way you style your normal hair. But, undergoing a keratin treatment will make your hair extremely smooth and the extensions might slip off during application. You may also bid goodbye to any alcohol based shampoos and conditioners as they weaken the hair follicles of the extension, reducing their normal lifespan.

Be prepared to spend more time with your hair than usual

If you're a girl who has always had easy to maintain short hair, they you're beauty routine is about to change! It is important to understand that dazzling hair styles do not come easy. A lot of care and maintenance goes into the upkeep of hair extensions – washing your hair every three days, air drying instead of a blow dry, investing in a good brush and using low heat appliances to maintain the texture of your hair.

Ultimately, get set for a lot of fun with your hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors, Love your new locks and take advantage of trendy hairstyles that will turn heads wherever you go. Be bold and experiment with your lovely tresses.

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